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What the Term Hospitality Actually Involves
The term "hospitality" encompasses every single detail related to the relationship established between a guest and a host. Revolving around the practice, act or custom of being hospitable, in its broad sense this concept also includes the entertainment and reception of guests.

Hospitality - A Concept Displaying Multiple Cultural Influences Generally speaking, hospitality is the care shown to guests by their hosts, in an attempt to make them feel comfortable and enjoy their stay in a certain location. Nonetheless, the meaning of this concept has been altered by several cultural influences. For instance, in ancient Greece, hospitality was seen as a right, not a perk. People who abided the hospitality laws managed to reveal their social standing and nobility in front of the whole world. Celtic cultures extended the meaning of this term, making it refer to physical protection offer to a guest, as opposed to just food and longing.

The modern hospitality industry is extremely diverse and comprises a wide range of services, including event planning, transportation, entertainment, lodging and various other fields associated with the tourism industry. Seen as a seven billion dollar field of activity, the hospitality industry depends a great deal on disposable income and leisure time. To respond to the unique needs and demands of their clients, players operating in this sector have come up with personalized offers matching the expectations and the financial possibilities of different categories of prospects.

Ways to save money on electricity

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Ways to lower electric bill

C-results Energy Savings Cards are a break-through technology for saving on electric bill and high energy costs. The cards will let you conserve energy due to a compaction of energy wastage. Save money and the environment by purchasing one or more c-results cards for your business or home!
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Save money on electricity

Corporations such as hotels use the C-results Energy Savings Card to save energy and lower electric bill every day. The Card is a 21st-Century unique proprietary 15-layer vibrational wave nanotechnology on a flexible card that is easy to install. They are placed on cables and wires before entering the power box/breaker system. The electric wastage (from electrical spikes that occur constantly) is limited by the cards and converted to useful energy. The corporation will reduce emissions that contribute to global warming. Visit their website to learn more and order cards soon!

Lower utility bills

A proprietary vibrational wave nanotechnology exists that will reduce your electric bill safely, effectively and legally. The cards are designed to eliminate spikes that occur with electricity usage. They are easy to install and do not require an electrician. There is no maintenance required and they will last up to 20 years with normal usage. Visit their website for more information!

Reduce my electric bill

All Hospitals & healthcare facilities around the world rely on electric power to run their operations successfully. Expensive medical equipment, computer systems, hospital rooms and exam rooms consume large amounts of electric kilowatt-hours. Healthcare buildings install solar panels to capture the sun's rays for alternative energy. Therefore, the electricity usage is decreased and the hospitals save on electricity bills since they are getting more than half of their power from solar energy! Visit the solar energy portion of the EPA website for more details on alternative energy.

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